Summertime is here (although you may not have noticed given the weather we've been having of late) and you know what that means...summer tea parties! And you simply can't have a proper British tea party without some proper British scones.

We're huge fans of scones here at British Bakeware - they're so simple yet simultaneously so delicious and tasty. Mind you, the humble scone is no stranger to a bit of controversy: for centuries, there has raged a great debate as to how the word 'scone' ought to be pronounced. Does it rhyme with 'cone', or with 'gone'? We may never reach a true consensus, just as we'll probably never decide once and for all whether it's the cream or the jam that goes on first!

Whatever your personal preferences, though, there's one thing we can all agree: scones are brilliant! If you're looking to bake some scones of your own, we highly recommend that you check out this recipe from Jane's Patisserie! Jane is an incredibly talented baker, and her buttery scone recipe is really simple to follow.

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