After all the food you would have consumed over Christmas, we wouldn’t blame you if you were struggling for ideas in terms of what to serve your guests if you are having a New Year’s Eve party. Do you go for something heavy that is relatively easy to prepare, or do you try a lot of smaller things which will take longer to prepare. Some of you may be going out to a party at a restaurant, bar or family/friends’ houses, so you won’t have to worry about what to prepare.

However if you are hosting your own party and would like some ideas for nibbles and canapés, we are here to help, as everyone in the British Bakeware office has come together and given their favourite new years eve party food for festive occasions! After an hour (or three) of debating on what should be included, we came up with 3 dishes that we think perfectly define festive party food.

So keep an eye out for the posts on Monday and Tuesday where we will be giving you some inspiration in terms of what to serve your party guests this New Year’s Eve!