Happy British Pie Week to you all! Is there anything more British than the humble pie? The queen, perhaps - but we’re certain she loves pies too. For this reason, we’ve decided to share some of the best pie recipes we’ve stumbled across with you! We’ve chosen a bit of everything, ranging from sweet to savoury, meaty to vegetarian, so there’s a pie to suit everyone.

While we're here, we thought we’d share an interesting fact with you too. Back in the day (that day being medieval times), pie baking was almost a competitive sport, and many chefs would place live birds underneath the lid of their pie to create a spectacular scene when the pie was cut into. That’s where the ‘sing a song of sixpence’ nursery rhyme came from. Interesting, right? 

With this knowledge, you can now go ahead and make one of our best pie recipes,  feeling happy that you know some of the humble pie's heritage. Happy baking!



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