It's crunch time in the Bake Off tent this week, which means that the bakers need to pull off something spectacular if they want to impress the judges, and become series champion. According to reports, the final will feature a 'royal' challenge,  and will also see the return of meringues; a dessert which can often trip up the bakers.

To tie-in with this week's challenge, we've decided to feature this eye catching meringue recipe, taken from the brilliant Good Food website. This particular recipe was created by Cassie Best, a senior food editor for BBC Good Food. Cassie has created so many great recipes for BBC Good Food over the years, and her latest recipe - Toffee Apple Bread & Butter Pudding - is no exception.

You can find out how to make to make these Rainbow Rippled Meringues below, but be sure to visit BBC Good Food for the full details, and nutritional break-downs.


  • 4 Large Egg Whites
  • 225g White Caster Sugar 

Choose three of the following flavours:

For Lemon Meringues

  • Very Finely Grated zest of 1 Lemon 
  • Yellow Food Colouring Paste 

Orange Meringues

  • Very Finely Grated Zest of 1 Orange
  • Orange Food Colouring

Pistachio Meringues

  • 2tbsp Finely Chopped Shelled Pistachio 
  • Green Food Colouring

Blueberry Meringues

  • 2 tbsp Freeze-Dried Blueberry, pounded to a dust using a pestle and mortar
  • Blue Food Colouring Paste

Lavender Meringues 

  • 1/2 tbsp Dried Lavender, pounded to a dust using a pestle and mortar
  • Purple Food Colouring Paste 

Raspberry Meringues 

  • 2 tbsp Freeze-Dried Raspberries, pounded to a dust using a pestle and mortar 
  • Pink Food Colouring

You will also need:

  • Disposable Piping Bags
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Extra-Large Round Piping Nozzle

Makes 21 meringues (7 each of 3 different flavours).


Step 1 - Begin by heating the oven to 140°C/120°C fan/gas 1, and then lining 2 large baking sheets with baking parchment.

Step 2 - Next, set up your piping bags. You will need 3 disposable piping bags for the three flavours. Using a wet paintbrush, paint lines of undiluted food colouring along the inside of the piping bags. Be generous, because you want the colours to be bold and wash the brush well between each colour so they don't mix.

Step 3 - Snip off the end of 1 bag and add your piping nozzle to each bag and put them to one side.

Step 4 - Tip the egg whites into a large mixing bowl or table-top mixer - ensure it is grease free before starting. Whisk the eggs with an electric hand mixer or in your mixer, until they hold soft peaks.

Step 5 - Begin adding the sugar 1 tbsp at a time, whisking continuously, until you have a thick glossy meringue, which will hold up in a stiff peak at the end of the whisk. 

Step 6 - Divide the meringue between three bowls and swirl through your chosen flavours that correspond with the piping bag colours. You would want to achieve a marbled effect rather than thoroughly mixing it all in. 

Step 7 - Put the the piping bag that has your nozzle fitted into a tall glass or jug, and roll the piping bag down over the lip of the jug or glass, to hold it in place. Fill the bag with the flavour meringue that matches the colour in the bag. Lift up and twist the end to seal.

Step 8 - Hold the piping bag about 2cm vertically above the baking tray. Apply an even pressure to the bag, slowly lifting the bag as you squeezed, to make a smooth round meringue approximately 6cm wide. To finish with a nice peak at the top, push down a little on the mixture then quickly pull the nozzle away.

Step 9 - Continue until all the mixture in the bag is used up but make sure you've left enough room for the meringues to spread.

Step 10 - Remove the nozzle; wash it and dry well, then place the next bag in. repeat until you have two trays covered with three meringues.

Step 11 - Bake for 1hr, turning the heat down to 120°C/100°C fan/gas 1/2 for the final 30 mins. Remove from the oven an cool on wire racks.

Step 12 - Once cooled, there ready for you to enjoy!


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