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Chocolate and Chilli Tart "Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well the combination of chocolate and chilli is now more popular than ever in both sweet and savoury cooling and this fantastic chocolate and chilli tart is one of th ..." Type: Post
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Easy Vegan Chocolate Make healthy, vegan chocolate with only a few simple ingredients! Type: Post
Categories : Vegan Recipes
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Double Chocolate Loaf Cake This week's recipe mixes two of our favourite things - chocolate and cake! What's not to love about this loaf cake! Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
Tags : 3lb loaf tin, loaf cake, chocolate desserts
Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Loaf This Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Loaf has all of the nations favourite ingredients, chocolate, vanilla and white chocolate, delicious! To top it all off the marble effect makes it look all that more special! Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
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Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies "We are continuing with the free-from baking this week with these fantastic dairy-free chocolate brownies, quick, easy and absolutely delicious! So far we have covered gluten-free with the Jamie Olive ..." Type: Post
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Gluten Free Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate "Today is the start of UK Coffee Week and what better way to mark the start of this brilliant week than baking this delicious gluten free coffee cake with dark chocolate. Gluten Free cakes are now bec ..." Type: Post
Categories : Gluten Free Recipes, Sweet Treats
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Chocolate Mint Brownies Want a brownie with a bit of a twist? This mint brownie recipe will answer your prayers! Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
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Chocolate Heart Cake This chocolate heart cake recipe is perfect if you like to put a twist on your baking, or if you just enjoy making a cake for that someone special on Valentines Day! So come on bakers, show us your soft side by indulging in to this recipe! Type: Post
Tags : cake, sweet, dessert
Healthier Cinnamon Oatcake w/ Dark Chocolate Ganache A healthier alternative to your standard cake recipe, with a scrumptious chocolate icing! Type: Post
Categories : Sugar Free Bakes
Tags : healthy baking, chocolate cake, sugar free bakes
Hungarian Chocolate Biscuits We've got Bake Off fever here at British Bakeware, and with it being Biscuit Week this week, we thought it would only be fitting if we share this terrific biscuit recipe from the brilliant Baking with Granny. Type: Post
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Jane's Valentines Chocolate Bark Our recipe of the week is this colourful and delicious chocolate bark from Jane's Patisserie. Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
Tags : chocolate bark, valentines recipe
Vegan White Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecake "We are delighted to share with you this terrific Vegan cheesecake recipe from Becky's Biscuit Bases. Becky is an extremely talented baker and her blog is full of terrific cheesecake recipes, ..." Type: Post
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Bev's Chocolate Chip Cookies From This recipe from EatingWell is the ideal way to enjoy a tasty treat, while nourishing your body! Type: Post
Categories : Quick, Tasty and Easy
Tags : healthy cookie recipe, healthy baking
Shortbread Stars (Including a Cherry Chocolate Twist) This week's feature is a tasty and festive biscuit recipe, from Kelly over at This Sweet! Type: Post
Tags : shortbread stars, shortbread recipe, cherry and chocolate shortbread
Martha Stewart's Rocky Road Tart Want to make a sweet tart with a difference? Try out this delicious rocky road bake! Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
Tags : rocky road tart, tart tin bake, biscuit base tart
Nigella Nutella Cake "To celebrate World Nutella Day, we had to release a recipe! We’ve picked this delicious Nigella Nutella cake courtesy of, you guessed it, the fantastic Nigella Lawson! We found it on the Nigella ..." Type: Post
Categories : Quick, Tasty and Easy, Sweet Treats
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Double Oreo Brownies Oreo's are Brownies are great on their own, but there even better when you combine them! Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
Tags : Double Oreo Brownies, Brownies, Jamie's Cookery
Jaffa Orange Drizzle Loaf This delicious Jaffa Orange Drizzle Loaf is moist, fruity, chocolatey and delicious! The perfect post-dinner sweet treat that will tingle your tastebuds. Type: Post
Categories : Sweet Treats
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Magnificent Millionaire's Shortbread Make Millionaire's shortbread today using this simple ten-step recipe, Love that three-layer taste! Type: Post
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Homemade Profiteroles These profiteroles are extremely fun to eat, but we can guarantee they are just as much fun to make! The pastry on profiteroles is unique, coupled with the thicker cream and chocolate sauce, you have the perfect dessert. Profiteroles are ideal to make if you are having family and friends around for a party, as people can just help themselves! Type: Post
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