Shortbread Stars

Christmas is just around the corner, which means we're super excited to try out as many delicious recipes as possible in the lead up to the big day! This week, we turned to one of our favourite baking bloggers, Kelly, who documents her delicious recipes over on her blog, This Sweet.

Shortbread is a classic recipe, and one that's perfectly suited for entertaining your friends and family at Christmas, especially in this sweet and festive star shape! If you're looking to try a twist on the classic biscuit, or you'd like to offer a choice of flavours to sample, Kelly also has a yummy chocolate and cherry alternative that you can try out too!

While the perfect technique may take an attempt or two to master, these biscuits have a very simple ingredient list, and would be a great way to keep little hands busy on Christmas Eve (while also providing a tasty treat for Santa).

To see the full details of Kelly's shortbread recipe, click here!

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