Mint Matcha Ice Cream

There's a heatwave taking place in the UK at the moment, which means it's unbearably hot outside. So we imagine, like the vast majority of the UK right now, including us here at British Bakeware HQ, you're trying to cool down in any way possible. You've opened every window and door, you've turned on every fan you can put your hand on, but there's no better or tastier way to cool down than with some Ice Cream and we have a fantastic Mint Matcha Ice cream recipe from the very talented baker Diana from Little Sunny Kitchen to share with you today. This recipe is really simple and quick to make, and can be easily made at your home.

For the people unsure on what Mint Matcha is, it's shade-grown tea leaves that have been grown for 3 weeks before harvest, and has had the stems and veins removed when processing. Mint Matcha has a very refreshing flavour which is perfect when the weather is the hot! As well as having a refreshing flavour, matcha is incredibly healthy, it contains a high level of antioxidants, boosts your metabolism and increases your energy levels. It's also worth mentioning that it fights cancer and helps burn fat. It would be silly, not to start incorporating this into your diet. 

If you're interested in making this refreshing ice cream, then you can follow the recipe here from Little Sunny Kitchen. Diana is an incredibly talented baker and her blog is certainly worth taking a look at! 

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