Chicken is the perfect summer meat, and with such a simple, but extremely scrumptious recipe, you can’t say no to these inside-out chicken kievs

In this warm weather, you don’t want to have to do too much preparation or spend hours near your oven when you cook a meal. If you are a fan of delicious and extremely easy meals to cook, this inside-out chicken kiev with golden crispy breadcrumbs and a garlic butter is perfect for you. Enjoy!



  • 4 skinless,boneless chicken breasts
  • 25g garlic butter, softened
  • 25g crispy breadcrumbs


Step 1- Place the 4 chicken breasts on a baking tray or baking sheet and rub some of the garlic butter in to the meat to ensure the flavours are rich. Then add any salt and pepper and cook under the grill for 15 mins, turning regularly to cook the meat through.

Step 2- Take the breadcrumbs and mix them in with the leftover garlic butter. Then, add a serving of the mixture to the top of each chicken breast and return to the grill for 3-5 mins until the mixture turns a delicious golden brown colour.

Step 3- We recommend serving with some delicious sweet potato wedges and your choice of seasonal vegetables, perhaps some green beans with some of the remaining butter over them. Enjoy!

Source: BBC Good Food 

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